Sheriff’s Weekend Foot Patrols

(Bozeman, Mont.) 7-19-12

Sheriff Gootkin announced today that Deputies will be conducting foot patrols this weekend at the Gallatin County Fair and the Farmagedden Concert in West Yellowstone.  Subdivsion foot Patrols will resume next week. 

This program brings Deputies in for extra hours to be able to spend time in the communities they serve and hear concerns or complaints that don’t always rise to the level of a 911 call.  “With between 3 and 6 Deputies at any one time covering 2500 square miles (West Yellowstone to Sedan, Three Forks to Bozeman Pass) we don’t usually have the resources to spend the time we would like to with people.” Gootkin said.  “This program allows the Deputies that are on shift to still handle emergency and other calls while the ones doing foot patrol can dedicate some time to really getting to understand our community’s needs.”

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