Update on Possible Abduction in Manhattan


Manhattan Police Chief Dennis Hengel stated tonight at 11:30 p.m.that Police received a call from a local citizen who indicated that she and her brother and her little sister were “messing around” when her brother grabbed her sister and put her in the car. The information gathered during the investigation confirmed that these events were not criminal in nature.

The Manhattan police department and all law enforcement agencies appreciate the quick reporting of an event that appeared to be a crime. We would like to thank those individuals who took the time to report what they thought was a legitimate criminal incident.

During the response, a wide area search was conducted by 8 agencies.  Chief Hengel stated, “We take these things very seriously and responded accordingly.”

At approximately 7:30 this evening a witness in Manhattan reported what they believed to be an abduction of a teenage female.

According to the witness, a male in a green sedan tackled the female following what aoppeared to be an argument and put her in the vehicle.

The 8 agencies, with more than 40 law officers conducted an extensive sweep of northern and western portions of Gallatin County, Broadwater and Jefferson Counties as well as issued a state-wide alert.

“Thankfully this was just a misunderstanding, but it shows that local law enforcement is prepared to respond quickly and appropriately to these types of calls,” said Chief Hengel.  “We appreciate the great cooperation of all the agencies involved.”


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