Bridger Ridge Search

(Gallatin County, Mont.)

Sheriff’s Search and Rescue was dispatched Saturday night at 10:45 for an overdue 34 year old Gallatin County Man hiking from Fairy Lake to the M.  He and his father started this morning and were separated when dad decided the hike was more that he could do.  He waited at the M trail head then contacted the Sheriff’s Office.  Sheriff Gootkin stated it is not uncommon for people to underestimate the amount of time and effort that hike can require.  In this case we used a Life Flight Helicopter to search the ridge and had ground searchers ready to start the hike.  Fortunately a Deputy found the man on the Fairy Lake Road and made sure he made it out.  He added that SAR volunteers would rather get an early start and cancel than get the call late and be that much further behind.


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