Quick call to 911 and a quick response make for a quick search

(Bozeman, MT.) On the afternoon of Sunday, May 06, 2012, at about 5:00 p.m., Sheriff’s Search and Rescue personnel, two Sheriff’s Deputy SAR Coordinators, and two troopers with the Montana Highway Patrol responded for the report of a lost 6 year old child in the area of the “M”. A mother and her two small children were on an afternoon hike up the steep trail to the “M”. The mother lost sight of her son, and he would not answer her shouts. After a short time, she called 9-1-1 to report her son as lost.
As chance would have it, the Gallatin County Sheriff’s Posse was conducting training at the Emergency Operations Center, located at the fairgrounds. Numerous searchers responded to the call, and were at the “M” trailhead in moments.
Another hiker on the trail came upon the boy, and was able to reunite him with his mother before any SAR personnel headed up the trail. One of the troopers, who was very close when the call came out, had started up the trail, and confirmed that the child had been located and was safely back with his mother.

Sheriff Gootkin stated,  “We have excellent rescue personnel and Deputies to handle things that go wrong.  In this case the mother calling 911 early, the quick response of the Deputies and Troopers and having the searchers close at hand all made for a happy ending.”  ####

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