Statement from Bozeman City Commission


For immediate release: June 5, 2020

Intolerance reflects on all of us, and there is no place for bigotry or racism in Bozeman or Montana or anywhere.

As we have witnessed the racial injustice against George Floyd and others, we must reaffirm our commitment to Bozeman being a welcoming community. Continuing that progress demands transparency, ongoing work, and a never-ending dedication to being an inclusive community.

We strongly support and welcome the rights of citizens to express their views. Each of us can and must be advocates for justice and equity–committing to acting in solidarity against racism and acts of discrimination, injustice, and violence.

As a city, Bozeman will review its practices to make sure they uphold these important goals; such as training for police and city employees, the importance of de-escalation policies, strict limits on the use of force, hiring practices, and accountability.

We have an obligation to our citizens and our sworn law enforcement officers to continually provide proven tools, training and policies to reinforce and to advance the positive, collaborative partnership between the Bozeman Police Department and the citizens they protect and serve.

Bozeman for years proudly has been a city striving to show that “all are welcome.” Let us embrace this opportunity for our community to listen to one another, to renew our commitment to inclusivity, and to act and participate in our community so that Bozeman remains a place worthy of all people.

Chris Mehl, Mayor
Cyndy Andrus, Deputy Mayor
I-ho Pomeroy
Terry Cunningham
Michael Wallner

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