Sheriff’s Office Moves 35 Dogs

Press Release

Contact Sheriff Brian Gootkin 582-2125

Sheriff’s Office Animal Control Officer Pat Hess had her hands and truck full this last month moving 35 Great Pyrenees, Aussie, and Pyrenees mix dogs from the Willow Creek area in Western Gallatin County.  Sheriff Gootkin stated that the Willow Creek Resident started accumulating the herd protection dogs several years ago and it just got out of hand.  The Great Pyrenees are bred to be left alone with sheep herds and act as protection against predators.  In this case the dogs had multiplied until it became a hazard.  Complaints from local residents initiated an investigation by the Sheriff’s Office which led to 11 Great Pyrenees puppies being transported to Lavina, MT in March and last Tuesday, 17 adult Pyrenees were moved to rescue centers in Deer Lodge, Oregon and Washington. Three adult Australian Shepherds and four Aussie/Pyrenees mix dogs were taken to the Heart of the Valley and are available for adoption.

 Donations are being accepted to help in the cost of spaying and neutering the rescued dogs. Please contact Pat Hess at 406-582-2116.

 Sheriff Gootkin stated that we are glad to be able to work with the dog owner to solve the problem and not just compound it with a bunch of tickets.  Our Animal Control Officer did a great job in finding the resources and people to take care of that many dogs of that size in such a short amount of time. 

 Sheriff Gootkin reminds county residents that all dogs must be kept from running at large, have current rabies vaccinations and people with more than 5 dogs must get a kennel license. More information on the county dog ordinance is available at    

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