Storm Castle Search Successful

(Gallatin County, Mont.) Not all Search and Rescue calls involve remote mountain peaks; in many areas of Gallatin County, backcountry starts when you leave the highway. At 5 pm Friday, Dispatch received a report that a 47-year-old Bozeman man and his 7-year-old son were overdue from a quick trip down Gallatin Canyon to scout access to hunting spots. His last contact with his wife was around 11:30, just before he left cell service, and they were due home by 1:00. The man had told his wife where he was headed, so deputies were able to immediately start checking trailheads for his vehicle. Gallatin County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue was called to assist deputies at 7 pm and multiple teams were sent to search every major hunting access from Big Sky north to Hyalite. The man and son were found, cold but safe, up Storm Castle, where their car had slid off the road, at 9 pm. They had stayed with the vehicle for shelter, which was safer and made it easier for searchers to find them. They were safe at home by 11 pm.

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