Weather Strands Hiker on Bridger Ridge

(Gallatin County, Mont.) Saturday afternoon at 3:47, Gallatin County 911 received a call from a 45-year-old runner from Atlanta.  The runner had started at the Fairy Lake Trailhead with the ambition of running the Ridge trail but found himself disoriented and unsure of his location. He was wearing shorts and did not have a rain coat with him. His call to 911 put his location south of Naya-Nuki Peak.  Sheriff’s Search and Rescue members spoke with him on the phone and determined he was on the east side of the ridge line.  Search and Rescue personnel battled torrential downpours and were able to locate the runner.  He was given warm clothes and was able to hike out under his own power.  Once back to the trailhead the runner told the Deputy that “The professionalism and kindness of this team is amazing.  They encouraged me and really made me laugh on the way out.”  He had taken an Uber to the trailhead so a Deputy gave him a ride back to Bozeman.
Sheriff Gookin says, “It is not unusual for people to underestimate how quickly the weather can change in the back-country.  Always carry a way to stay warm and dry.”  A summer storm can arrive at any time in the mountains of Montana without much warning.
Photos courtesy of the Sheriff’s Office

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