Progress Report on Flood Portion of Hazard Mitigation Plan

Gallatin County is a participant in FEMA’s Community Rating System (CRS) Program.  This program offers landowners in County jurisdictional areas a discount on their flood insurance premiums dependent on an evaluation and scoring of the County’s floodplain management program.

Gallatin County is currently categorized as a Class 8 community, which provides up to a 10% discount on flood insurance policies through the National Flood Insurance Program.  One of the activities that Gallatin County is currently receiving CRS credit for is the maintenance of the Gallatin County Hazard Mitigation Plan (adopted by FEMA on September 18, 2012).

To continue to receive credit for the Hazard Mitigation Plan we are required to prepare an annual progress report on the flood-related portions of the Hazard Mitigation Plan and provide copies of that update to the governing body and the media.

The attached matrix (see link below) outlines recent activities that support the flood-related goals established in the Hazard Mitigation Plan. This annual progress report was adopted by the Gallatin County All Hazards All Disciplines (AHAD) Group on June 20, 2019. Please contact Sean O’Callaghan with any questions.

Sean O’Callaghan, CFM, Floodplain Administrator
Gallatin County Department of Planning & Community Development
(406) 582-3130

Hazard Mitigation Plan Annual Report 2019


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