Gallatin Local Water Quality District launches online interactive water quality map

The Gallatin Local Water Quality District (GLWQD) has launched an online interactive map where citizens can view water information.

This map, developed by the Gallatin County GIS Department shows water quality results for thousands of locations in Gallatin County. It also shows the locations of monitoring wells, controlled groundwater areas, groundwater elevation contours, geology, and more.

The map can be viewed using the following link:

This map is one of several interactive mappers developed and managed by the Gallatin County GIS Department. Other mappers include the Recorded Document Interactive Map, the Environmental Health Interactive Map, and others.

These web-based maps are a great tool for citizens to find information on an area of interest. The main web page for the various mappers can be found here:

If you would like more information about the data used on the new GLWQD map, please call Christine Miller at (406) 582-3148, or email

The Gallatin Local Water Quality District is a non-regulatory department of Gallatin County located in Bozeman, Montana. The District is focused on the protection, preservation and improvement of groundwater and surface water. The District strives to accomplish this through water quality monitoring and special investigations, educating residents of all ages in the District, and collecting and disseminating water information to the Gallatin community. To learn more about your water quality, please visit us online at


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