Verizon 911 issues in Gallatin County resolved

The issues between telecommunication companies that were causing 911 calls from Verizon Wireless phones in Gallatin County to go to nonemergency lines have been resolved.

Emergency calls from Verizon phones are now going to the correct emergency lines at the Gallatin County 911 Center.

Due to an issue between Verizon Wireless, CenturyLink and Zayo, telecom companies that provide services for the Gallatin County 911 Center, 911 calls from Verizon phones were being diverted to the center’s nonemergency lines.

The issue began intermittently over the weekend, then all calls from Verizon phones were being sent to the nonemergency lines starting on Tuesday.

Jim Anderson, director of Gallatin County 911, reported that on Wednesday afternoon the issues had been resolved and calls were going to the correct lines. He thanks Gallatin County 911 Center dispatchers and staff for their diligence in efficiently working around these issues the last few days.


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