Scams Circulating Gallatin County

The Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office has received a number of complaints from citizens regarding various phone scams that are circulating the area.

One scam involves a caller informing people who answer that they have criminal charges pending and to send money for these charges to be dropped. The scammer informs the person to call a number and arrange payment.  These callers are intimidating, convincing, and persistent. Please do not respond to their requests.

The second type of scam involves callers impersonating an Amazon Account representative claiming that there is an issue with the order they placed. The caller asks the person for specific account details and credit card information. Do not give any information they ask for. If you have an Amazon account, and you want to make sure the call is legitimate, call Amazon directly from the number on your statement. Do not call the number the impersonator gives you.

Another scam involves callers impersonating Medicare representatives from the “Pain Relief Department” requesting personal information such as your date of birth, your social security #, etc. Again, this is a scam, do not give the caller any information. If you receive Medicare and you want to make sure the call is legitimate, call the number from your Medicare card. Do not call the number the scammer gives you.

Another scam involves a person impersonating a relative such as a grandson, niece, etc. The caller states they are in jail and need money for bond. The caller advices them that their attorney will call them after they hang up and arrange for the payment of the bond. Again, this is a scam do not give them any information or send any money in any form.

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