Current Scam Alert

The Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office has received a number of citizen complaints regarding several scams that are occurring within Gallatin County. The first scam involves a caller claiming to be a Captain with the sheriff’s office and informs the person who answers that they missed jury duty. They further claim a warrant has been issued for that person, and ask the person to download money onto a prepaid card, and provide them with the pin number. The number they are calling from is 406-324-7146 and it is suspected that this number is computer generated and can easily be changed. The number has a recorded message stating that you have reached the Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office and gives extensions for two Captains, main desk, and patrol. This scam is very elaborate and the suspects are very convincing.

In the second scam the caller states that the person’s grandson / relative is in Jail in another state and asks the person who answers to send money to get them out of jail.

These callers are intimidating, convincing, and persistent. Please do not respond to their requests. Sheriff Gootkin would like to remind people the Sheriff’s Office will not call you and ask for money to resolve any of these issues. Please hang up on the caller or block the number through your phone carrier.

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