Potential for Significant Snow Melt

GCEM Media Release

Release:  180319-01
Contact:  Patrick Lonergan, (406) 582-2395

Potential for Significant Snow Melt

Bozeman, MT – Valley snow pack and forecast weather conditions later in the week may lead to significant snow melt and associated localized flooding in the Gallatin Valley.  The National Weather Service is expecting temperatures to reach the 50’s on Thursday combined with measurable rain.  The high temperatures and rain will likely cause much of the snow currently on the valley floor to melt and run off, causing flooding in the process.

Property owners are encouraged to survey their property beforehand and address any conditions that they think could cause problems on their property from rapid snow melt.  The challenge with flooding is that once it occurs, it is too late to prevent the damage from occurring.  Property owners are also encouraged to ensure that ditches and culverts on their property are clear of debris to allow as much water as possible to flow through them.

The best location in the valley for bulk sandbags is Bozeman Brick, Block and Tile on Jackrabbit.  They are available as either empty or filled sand bags.

Information on flooding is available at https://www.readygallatin.com/flooding.


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