Dangerous Road Conditions on I90

The Fort Ellis Fire Department agrees with the Bozeman Pedestrian and Traffic Safety Committee in calling for a reduced speed limit on I90 from the top of Bozeman Pass to Belgrade, says Mike Cech, Chief of the Fort Ellis Fire Department. Chief Cech notes that in 2017 Fort Ellis responded to I90 115 times and for 24 calls in December and 13 calls so far this month. Of these calls, 19 have been in a 3 mile stretch between Bear Canyon and Trail Creek where I90 enters Rocky Creek Canyon. This area is notorious (to us) for developing black ice when approached from the West where roads are clear and dry. Chief Cech observes that a lower speed limit will potentially serve to reduce accidents and improve public and responder safety. Timely highway maintenance, improved road surface treatment, and signage would go a long way to reducing accidents and will also improve highway safety in these high accident locations during bad weather as will warnings posted on the sign board at MP310.

In summary, Chief Cech asks all travelers to slow down and watch out for changing conditions between Bozeman and Livingston.

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