Sheriff Search and Rescue transport woman from Hyalite

11-12-11 1:23p.m. for Immediate release

(Bozeman, MT.) Sheriff’s Deputies with SAR units responded to Hyalite Lake trail head this morning to assist a 30 year old MSU student that has lost consciousness during a hike.  Hyalite Lake trail head is above the Hyalite dam by several miles.  Fresh snow accumulations made the Hyalite Road impassible to ambulances.  The hiker had walked out to the trail head and was checked by Sheriff’s Deputy that is medically trained then transported by SAR 4×4 vehicle to an AMR ambulance waiting at the bottom of the canyon. 

Hyalite Canyon is notorious for its lack of cell phone coverage and the origional call for help had to be made by a person that drove from the trail head back out to the valley delaying the response by up to 1/2 hour.  ####

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