Deputies Search in Sub Zero Temperatures for Crash Suspect

(Gallatin County, Mont.) Wednesday at about 1:oo in the morning Deputies were dispatched to I-90 for near Logan.  A Cadillac Escalade stuck a semi at a high speed, rolled and the driver fled on foot.  Deputies including a k-9, Manhattan Police and MHP Troopers spent the next 4 hours tracking Gary Migliore of Belgrade through the snow and sub zero temperatures.  Sheriff Gootkin says “there was a definite risk to his safety, the Deputies could not tell if he was injured and delusional from the crash or just running because he had warrants.  Public safety is our primary job, even when it puts us at risk and we take that job very seriously.”  In the end Mr. Migliore was found, cold and suffering from mild frost bite.  He was taken to the hospital to be checked then arrested on outstanding warrants.  One officer also suffered a mild case of frost bite.

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