Injured Hiker Rescued in Beehive Basin

img_0248-10.jpg(Big Sky, Mont.) Today at about 2:30 Sheriff’s Search and Rescue at Big Sky were dispatched to Beehive Basin for an injured hiker.  The 60 year old female hiker from central California suffered a broken or dislocated ankle.  She was hiking with her husband close to the top of the trail when she slipped.  Big Sky SAR volunteers found the couple 3.2 miles from the trail head and used a special wheeled rescue liter to transport her a waiting Big Sky Fire Department ambulance.

Sheriff Gootkin said, “This was a relatively simple incident yet SAR responders spend a total of 4 hours before she was in an ambulance.  Injuries in the back country can be serious.  Hikers, skiers, hunters and the like need to be prepared for accidents.  Water, clothing, food, first aid supplies and a way to summon help are important items to have with you even on a nice short jaunt on a nice day.”

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