Bad Day for Califoria

(Gallatin County, Mont.)
 On June 23, 2016 at 3:32 p.m., the West Yellowstone Police Department dispatch center received a 911 call regarding a 13 year old male from Palo Alto, CA had fallen off a horse. The young man sustained a head and neck injury, also losing consciousness for a brief time. He was currently conscious, breathing, and alert with little recollection of the fall from his horse. The incident happened approximately 3 miles west of the Bacon Rind Trailhead located near mile marker 23 on Gallatin Rd.

 Personnel from the Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office coordinated a rescue utilizing a SAR team from Yellowstone National Park who were in the area training on horseback. Due to the remote location, access to the patient was only accessible via hiking, horseback, or helicopter. Because of the nature of the injuries, an Air Idaho rescue helicopter was dispatched to the scene as well.

 While the horseback teams were in route to the scene, the rescue helicopter was able to safely land and make contact with the patient. After initial treatment on the ground, the patient was placed in the helicopter and transported to the Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center. 

 At about 4:30 Sheriff’s Search and Rescue Crews were sent to South Cottonwood Trail for an injured 58 year old female hiker from California. She had sustained a broken ankle 3.2 miles up the trail. Rescue Volunteers used a wheeled liter to bring her back to the trail head. 

 Gallatin County Sheriff Brian Gootkin would like to thank the Search & Rescue personnel with Yellowstone National Park and Air Idaho for their assistance in this event. It takes many dedicated volunteers and personnel throughout the year to successfully complete rescue events, and partnerships with other agencies are often essential to the successful and timely completion of these rescues.


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