Great One Rescue

(Gallatin County, Mont.) Today at 9:27 Sheriff’s Search and Rescue was dispatched to the North Bridgers in a couloir know as a Great One. A 23 year old Bozeman women fell 600 feet while skiing the popular snow field near Sacajawea Peak. She sustained arm leg and head injuries. Because of it’s remote and steep technical terrain specially trained rescuers were flown into the area, had to climb to the patient and prep her for a helicopter extraction. There are no places to land a helicopter anywhere near the patient. She was transferred from the rescue helicopter to Reach Air medical helicopter and flown to the hospital. Sheriff Gootkin says “We are fortunate to have such dedicated and skilled volunteers and some of the best mountain helicopter pilots in the world. Additionally  if you get hurt on The Great One expect that it is going to take some time to get help and get you out of there. In this case the weather was good and we had all the right resources available and it took three hours.”  Video courtesy of the Sheriff’s Office. 

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