Blackmore Mountain Rescue



(Bozeman) – Gallatin County Search and Rescue volunteers rescued an injured hiker in the mountains south of Bozeman this afternoon.

According to Incident Commander GCSO Lt. Jason Jarrett, 9-11 Dispatch received a cell-phone call at just before 4:00 this afternoon with a report of a 22-year-old female who had fallen during a hike near Blackmore Mountain.

Blackmore is located southwest of Hyalite Reservoir.

The caller stated that the hiker had suffered shoulder and knee injuries.

Search and Rescue volunteers, an ambulance crew and a Forest Service employee hiked for a little more than an hour with a wheeled litter and medical equipment in order to access the patient.

At the same time, incident commanders evaluated the time it would take, amount of daylight remaining, and number of rescuers necessary to safely get the patient from where she was to the parking lot at Hyalite Reservoir.  Since evacuation by ground was anticipated to go until almost midnight, a helicopter from Rocky Mountain Helicopters was called in to drop rescuers near the site.  From there the patient was carried a short distance to the landing zone and transported by air to the parking area at Hyalite Dam.

“Due to the difficult terrain and the distance involved, we called in air support,” said Lt. Jarrett.  “Wheeled litters make back-country transport much better than a straight stretcher but it takes much longer to get out carrying someone that is injured than it takes to get to them. This could easily have turned into a late-night, early morning adventure. For patient and rescuer safety we decided to fly her out.”

The patient was delivered to Bozeman Deaconess Hospital about 7:00 o’clock this evening for treatment of her injuries.

“Luckily someone in her party had a cell phone,” said Lt. Jarrett.  “However, the party was unable to give us an accurate location and the cellular technology for location didn’t work in that area.  If you spend any time in the back-county at all, you really should carry a GPS unit.”

“The better information we have,” said Jarrett.  “the quicker we can get help to you.”


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