Evening Call Prevents Late Night Search


(West Yellowstone, Mont.)

On January 4, 2016, at 7:24 p.m., the West Yellowstone Police Department Dispatch received a 911 call from two snowmobilers who were stuck in the deep powder near Two Top Mountain approximately 7 miles southwest of West Yellowstone. The snowmobilers a Father/Son  team from Las Angeles California, had become disoriented trying to find their way out of a canyon in the dark and were unable to extract their heavy 4 stroke snowmobiles from the powder. They had no survival gear with them aside from a few bottles of water

Personnel from the Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office, and the West Yellowstone Division of Sheriff’s Search and Rescue, responded to assist with the rescue.

Rescuers quickly located the two snowmobilers using the GPS coordinates retrieved from the 911 call and were able to escort them safely back to West Yellowstone. The snowmobilers were cold and tired but otherwise uninjured.

Gallatin County Sheriff Brian Gootkin would like to remind beginner snowmobilers to ride within their skill level and stay on marked trails. Never enter an unknown area in the dark if it can be avoided.  A cellular phone can be a terrific asset if trouble arises, but bear in mind that cell phones have limited service range and cold temperatures can lead to excessive battery drain. Snowmobilers should also have a basic survival kit with them at all times.

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