Moser Creel Rescue

On Monday, October 26, 2015, around 6:37 pm, the Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue Division responded to a backcountry rescue.  An eighteen year old male was driving his pick-up in the upper Moser Creek drainage when his truck slid off a slanted area of the roadway and became high-centered on a rock.

The motorist tried to free himself but quickly became wet and cold in the poor weather conditions.  After calling 911 for help, the motorist had to shut his phone off due to having a very low battery.  The truck had plenty of gas to keep the engine running for heat.  The motorist also had food, water, and an extra blanket.  The motorist stayed in the truck to wait for help.

Search and rescue members quickly located the stranded motorist, who was wet and cold, but in good spirits.  They transported him to an awaiting AMR ambulance for an evaluation.  The truck was left on scene for future retrieval.

Search and rescue members arranged for a friend of the motorist to pick him up at the search and rescue building.

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