Search and Rescue Phone Solicitations


August 22, 2011

The Sheriff’s Office has been made aware that phone solicitations are being made in the Gallatin County area by people representing themselves as “local search and rescue”.

Gallatin County Search and Rescue does not solicit funds by phone. 

In the past few years we have tracked a company back to the West Coast and because of a loop hole in the law they are allowed to say the represent “local” search and rescue if they contribute a percentage of what they get back to a SAR group.  The law is not specific that it has to “your” local group.  Gallatin County Sheriff’s SAR is a division of the Sheriff’s Office and County Government.  It is staffed by volunteers that respond to about 100 search or rescue calls annually.  Although it does accept donations we do not solicite by phone. 

Questions can be directed to Lt. Jason Jarrett, Sheriff’s Office SAR and Support Services Division.  582-2105.

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