Clarification To Shooting Incident:



Clarification To Shooting Incident:


The Belgrade Police Department wants to make sure the public is accurately informed on this incident.

There have been some reports from media outlets stating that multiple shots were fired and that a person inside the residence was struck. These facts are not accurate and have not been reported by the Belgrade Police Department. The facts are as stated: A shot was fired and the residence (meaning the home) was struck, not a person. The defendant has been charged, so far, with 3 Counts of Criminal Endangerment for the shooting incident. There may be more charges filed involving this incident, as the investigation continues.

A separate incident occurred, involving the same defendant, at another Belgrade residence during the same night. This incident resulted in the defendant being charged with Partner Family Member Assault. Additional charges may be filed on this incident as the investigation continues.

To be clear, no one was struck by a bullet and no injuries were sustained from the gun shot and the domestic disturbance occurred at a separate Belgrade residence than the one involved in the shooting.

There is not a risk to the public over this incident.

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