It’s Colder In West Yellowstone Than Atlanta

(West Yellowstone, Mont.) Two Snowmobilers from Atlanta Georgia were returned safely to their nice warm cabins Thursday after spending several hours stuck and exhausted in single digit weather.

Thursday about 7 p.m., Sheriff’s Search and Rescue in West Yellowstone and Forest Service Personnel responded to a report of two snowmobilers who were stuck and lost. Dispatch was able to retrieve location data from the 911 call placed by the men.

Team members responded to the area of the GPS coordinates and were able to locate the snowmobilers. The men had been unable to build a fire because they lacked the supplies to do so. Team members then assisted the snowmobilers by extracting one of their snowmobiles and escorted them back to West Yellowstone. 

Sheriff Gootkin would like to remind everyone that since snowmobiling often occurs in remote locations it is important to know what to do if you become stranded. Have the necessary equipment with you to keep warm, know your limitations and don’t ride terrain that is above your ability. #### 

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