Pair of Search and Rescue Calls in the Bridgers Saturday

IMG_0248.JPG(Gallatin County, Mont.)  Saturday January 17th at 12:50 p.m. Sheriff’s Search and Rescue units were sent to the Saddle Peak Cliffs North of Bozeman to rescue a 19 year old MSU student that was stranded on the cliffs and in danger of falling 200 feet. The female skier and her partner skied under the rope and out of bounds near Schlasman’s lift on the south end of Bridger Bowl. The student ended up getting stuck in a precarious position on the Saddle Peak Cliffs after crashing and losing both skis which went over the cliff. Members of Search and Rescue already at Bridger Bowl and Ski Patrol responded to the scene and were able to access the skier by rappelling down the cliff face. The rescuers were able to assist her with getting back up the hill utilizing ropes.

At 4:50 the same day Bridger Bowl received a report of lost skiers outside of the ski area boundary. Search and Rescue units and Ski Patrol still in the area were able to locate them quickly by snowmobile and guide them back into the ski boundary.

Sheriff Gootkin would like to remind skiers to ski with a partner, know the area you will be in, ski within your limits and always be aware of the avalanche danger which can be checked at



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