Gasoline Tanker fire on High St, Belgrade

At 5:15 PM there was a report of a fire at or around High st in Belgrade.  The initial report was that it was a large grass fire.  Central Valley units responded and found that a fuel tanker type vehicle and an above ground fuel tank were fully involved with fire.  The inital units from Central Valley Fire district made contact with the driver of the fuel tanker.  He recieved 1st and 2nd degree burns on his hands and face and was transported to BDH by AMR. 

21 fire apparatus resoponded through mutual aid agreements with 45+ fire fighters.  Water was shuttled to the fire by vehicle tenders and the fire was called under control at 6:40.  Crews are currently mopping up small exposure fires in the area.  A formal news release will be given at the corner of 4 Dot subdivision and frontage road at 8:00.

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