Motorcyclist Rescued from Hyalite Lake


(Gallatin County, Mont.)  On Thursday evening the Gallatin County 9-1-1 Center received the report of an injured motorcyclist several miles above the Grotto Falls trailhead in Hyalite Canyon, near Hyalite Lake. At 7:00 p.m. a male called to report that his friend had injured his lower leg, was unable to walk.  Search and Rescue personnel were activated and responded to the trailhead.

Due to the rapidly dwindling daylight and a 4 hour hike for rescuers, the decision was made to launch a Search and Rescue helicopter to attempt to quickly locate the injured male. The SAR helicopter located the male west of Hyalite Lake, and dropped off two SAR personnel to assess and stabilize the 32 year old male.  Rescuers were able to haul the injured party to a landing zone that Summit Air Ambulance was able to utilize a few minutes later.

The Bozeman resident was packaged and loaded into the medical helicopter, and transported directly to Bozeman Deaconess Hospital. He was later found to have a compression fracture of his left tibia and fibula.

Sheriff Gootkin would like to take this opportunity to remind people of the value of being equipped and prepared to spend extra time in the backcountry, and to carry a reliable means of communication with them. Always hope for a great time recreating in our beautiful county, but be prepared for unanticipated trouble.

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