Madison River Rescue


On September 4th, 2014, at approximately 3:57 p.m., the 911 dispatch center received a call from a canoeist requesting assistance.  The caller said that an elderly female was on a canoe trip with family and friends on the South Fork of the Madison River near West Yellowstone.  The canoe she was riding in capsized and she injured her knees. Navigating the river was above the group’s skill level and they decided to walk to the nearest road, which the female could not do because of her injury.

Personnel from Gallatin County Search and Rescue (West Yellowstone Division), the Sheriffs Office, Yellowstone National Park, and the U.S. Forest Service responded.  The responders quickly found the injured party who was a 75-year-old female from Salt Lake City, Utah.  They assisted her to a nearby road where a Hebgen Basin Fire Department ambulance was waiting.  The patient decided not to go to the hospital and was given a ride home by a deputy sheriff.

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