It Must Be Summer – Five Search and Rescue Calls in the Last Five Days


(Greater Gallatin County Mont.) Starting Tuesday Deputies and SAR Volunteers have been active with outdoor recreation mishaps.  On Tuesday a 67 year old Bozeman resident was on a hike with other members of the Bozeman Senior Center in Middle Cottonwood Canyon when she tripped and fell, injuring her ankle.

Wendesday volunteers had the day off.

Thursday at 11:17 a.m. SAR responded to Leverich Canyon south of Bozeman for an 18 year old male injured in a moutain bike crash.

Thursday at 4:40 p.m. a Bozeman woman called 911 to report that she was lost in the Hyalite area. She had driven on Langohr Rd, parked and then hiked on game trails and old logging roads. Dispatch was able to retrieve GPS coordinates from her cell phone. Her phone put her location on the Cottonwood Ridge area not far from a logging road. Members from Sheriff’s Search and Rescue along with members of Rae/Sourdough Fire and the Deputies responded. As SAR was deploying the lost woman was located by a friend and escorted back to her vehicle. She was uninjured, just a little shaken up by the experience. Sheriff Gootkin would like to remind everyone that it is much safer to hike with a group, or with another person if possible. The backcountry can become very large and very scary when you are by yourself.

Thursday at 11:32 p.m., the 911 Center received the report of an emergency beacon activation near the Cabin Creek Cabin, which is north of West Yellowstone. Shortly thereafter there was a 911 call from a nurse who related that a 53-year-old female from Bozeman was injured in a horse accident and was at the Cabin Creek Cabin. Personnel from Sheriff’s Search and Rescue West Yellowstone Division responded. Hebgen Basin Fire Department assisted with the rescue. Air Idaho, which is a life-flight helicopter from Idaho Falls, also responded. When the rescue team arrived at the scene they assessed the patient who had suffered serious injuries from the accident. The patient was packaged onto the life-flight helicopter and flown to the Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center in Idaho Falls, Idaho.  Sheriff Gootkin would like to remind recreationalists that this incident highlights the importance of having a reliable communication device such as the one used in this case so that search and rescue professionals can quickly respond to a backcountry emergency.

Friday at 6:30 p.m. Rescue Crews from the valley spend the evening in the Bangtails North and East of Bozeman.  A 50 year old male had crashed on his mountain bike between Stone Creek and the Bangtail Divide.  It took SAR Volunteers about 3 hours to reach the biker sending rescuers in from both Olsen Cr and Stone Creek.  Although riding a moutain bike into Stone Cr. is fairly easy, locating and bringing someone out that can’t ride that same bike is much more difficult.

On Saturday at 10:19 a.m. Sheriff’s SAR units from Big Sky responded to Doe Cr for an injured ATV rider about 6 1/2 miles from the highway.  That person was flown by Summit Air Ambulance after being accessed by SAR teams.


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