County Conducting Damage Assessment

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Contact:  Patrick Lonergan, 582-2395
Release: 140308-01

County Conducting Damage Assessment

Bozeman, MT – Gallatin County is now conducting damage assessments of the damage incurred from flooding over the past couple days.  The Town of Manhattan was successful in removing the bulk of the water from downtown late Friday night allowing the streets to be opened and occupants to access their buildings.  Now that most of the immediate water issues have been mitigated, we are moving into the recovery process.  As those affected by flooding this past week figure out what damages they have incurred and what their insurance will cover, it is important that this information be conveyed to Gallatin County Emergency Management.  The county will utilize this information to demonstrate how this event has affected the citizens of Gallatin County to both the state and federal governments with the goal of meeting the requirements to access some disaster assistance programs.  At this time it is unknown what, if any, assistance may become available to those affected by the flooding.  This availability of potential assistance is highly dependent on showing the amount of impact which has occurred.

A town meeting will be held at the Manhattan Junior High School Gym Monday (3/10/14) at 7:00 pm for those affected by the flooding.  This meeting is an opportunity for officials to hear how people have been affected and for information on potential assistance to be provided to those who have been affected.

The online damage assessment can be accessed from or directly at  The forms are very basic in what they collect and can easily be completed in under 5 minutes.


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