Flooding Continues Impacting Gallatin County

GCEM Media ReleaseContact:  Patrick Lonergan, 582-2395Release: 140307-02

Flooding Continues Impacting Gallatin County

Manhattan, MT – Flooding from Thursday’s runoff continued to cause problems in Gallatin County today.  While many locations affected by flooding on Thursday have dried up, some are still working to drain out with Manhattan being the most impacted.  Crews worked hard all day to pump water out of the East Main Street area of Manhattan with numerous large capacity pumps moving the water to a location where it could drain.  After the water on the street is removed, crews will work with property owners to help get the water out of the buildings.

A town meeting has been setup for Monday (3/10/14) night at 7:00 pm in the Manhattan Junior High School Gym.  The purpose for the meeting is to obtain information from those affected by the flooding on what damages they have incurred, and provide information to them on what assistance may be available.  Our hope is that people will have an opportunity to access their property and develop an estimate of the damage before the meeting on Monday.  This meeting is open to anyone that has been affected by flooding this week.


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