Flooding Continues in Gallatin County

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Flooding Continues in Gallatin County

Manhattan, MT – While flooding in some places overnight has receded, other areas are now seeing the impact from the sudden runoff.  Many of the homes and road directly affected yesterday have seen the water level drop with many standing pools left while they get absorbed or slowly drain out.  Several areas in the Town of Manhattan have unfortunately turned into holding ponds and are having to be pumped out to locations where the water can drain.  The major impact is the area along East Main Street in Manhattan where the water has become trapped.

While the much of the area has seen relief over the night on water level, residents should expect to see the water flow increase through the day and the temperature warms up.  The question will be how much the water levels will increase today.  Unfortunately this is very hard to predict and we won’t really know until afterwards.  Anyone that has already been affected by flooding, or were close to being affected, should be prepared for more flooding today and closely monitor conditions through the day.

The best source for sand bags in the Gallatin Valley is Bozeman Brick on Jackrabbit.  Water pumps can be obtained from many of the rental and construction companies in the area.


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