Spring Flood Season is Approaching

GCEM Media ReleaseContact:  Patrick Lonergan, 582-2395
Release:  140305-01

Spring Flood Season is Approaching

Bozeman, MT – Residents are reminded that now is the time to start preparing for spring flooding.  People living near waterways, or areas that have seen flooding nearby, should take this opportunity to prepare for spring flooding since once it begins, it is often too late to make much difference in protecting your property.  While we won’t know if we will experience a bad flood season in Gallatin County until afterwards, several contributing factors such as heavy snow pack are present.

Residents are encouraged to take this opportunity before the spring run off to clean up around their property.  Ditches and culverts should be cleared of debris that will impede the flow of water.  The areas likely to flood should also be cleared of items that should now be exposed to the flood waters.  This is also a great time to develop a simple emergency plan that addresses the following items:

  • How you will protect your property should flooding occur?
  • Where and when you will obtain the supplies needed to protect your property?
  • Who is responsible for which tasks?
  • Should you have to leave your home, where you will go and what you will take?

More information on flooding is available at ReadyGallatin.com/flooding.php.


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