Madison River Rescue

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On Sunday, July 07, 2011, at approximately 8:45 pm, the Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office, Search and Rescue, and the Three Forks Marshalls responded to a water rescue on the Madison River.  An inflatable kayak struck a partially submerged cottonwood tree in the water and capsized upstream from the cobblestone fishing access ejecting the two female passengers.  The females were reported in the water and pinned to the tree.  The women were able to free themselves from the tree and get out of the water on the west bank of the River.  With help of local land owners and Deputies the females were located and extracted by vehicle from the west side of the river.  There were no reported injuries from this incident.   

The Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office would like to remind boaters to not take the proper safety equipment including throw bags, life vests and first aid kits when enjoying the river.  As always don’t underestimate the power of the current.  Even and simple and familiar trip on the river can turn dangerous without the proper equipment, respect for the water and knowledge of the potential hazards. 


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