Gallatin Gateway Flooding Recedes

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Media Release 140103-01

Gallatin Gateway Flooding Recedes

Gallatin Gateway, MT – Thursday night much of the flooding along the Gallatin River receded significantly.  Friday morning a channel through the ice jam containing flowing water was present and it continued to expand through the day.  This channel being cut through the ice in the West channel of the Gallatin River appears to have relieved the pressure and allowed enough space to accommodate the current river flow.  The East channel still has minimal water flowing through it.

While much of the flooding has receded from where it has been for the past couple days, residents are reminded that the water level could come back up as quickly as it went down.  Flooding resulting from ice jams is unpredictable and changes very quickly.  With significantly colder temperatures due into the area this weekend, residents near the Gallatin River are encouraged to remain vigilant and closely monitor river conditions.  It is unknown how much affect the colder weather will have on the ice jam and associated flooding, but as we have seen so far this winter conditions can change very quickly.

Everyone is encouraged to have a family emergency plan about what they would do if they had to leave their homes quickly, whether due to flooding or another emergency. This doesn’t need to be a fancy document, at a base level families should have a common understanding of what to take, who is doing what, and where they will meet up.  More information on developing a plan is available at:


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