Pair Caught in Avalanche North of Bridger Bowl


(Bozeman, Mont) Two MSU students, a man and woman in their 20’s, triggered an avalanche and were swept several hundered yards and over a cliff today about 3:00pm.  The pair were skiing Bridger Ridge and decended north and out of bounds of the Bridger Ski area.  The woman who had recently graduated from MSU suffered a significant leg injury and was transported by rescuers to the Bridger Bowl ski patrol room where she was stabilized then transported to the hospital. Sheriff Gootkin reminds back country users that recent snow conditions have contributed to significant avalanche danger in the area.  At a minimum, backcountry skiers need a partner, avalanche beacon, shovel and probe poles.  The Sheriff stated that these two students were very fortunate to have escaped this event considering the size of the slide and the terrain they were swept over.  ######

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