Belgrade Power Outage


On December 7, 2013 at approximately 0225 hours the Belgrade Police Department responded to a crash on Jackrabbit Lane at the intersection of 8th Street. During the course of the ongoing investigation, it was determined that the single vehicle involved hit a power pole and this caused two more poles to dislodge and lose power. Northwest Energy was called and responded. They are currently working as fast as possible to restore the power to the areas that have been affected. At this time there is no timeline for when the power will be restored however, power has already been restored to many residences. Please direct all inquiries about the power loss to Northwest Energy.

Due to the power outage, any Belgrade citizen who has been affected can come to the Belgrade City Hall to stay warm. Please use the call box on the west side of the building (where the police vehicles are parked) to let someone know to come and let you in. We are also making arrangements with local churches, should the problem last longer than expected.

If you have any knowledge or information about the crash please contact the Belgrade Police Department.

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