Miner Paradise Complex – mid day

FIRE UPDATE: On Monday, crews on the Miner Paradise Complex are working to maintain progress that was made over the weekend.

On the North Eightmile, the spike camp and crews are being pulled and will be utilized elsewhere on the complex. On Sunday, the crews worked to mop up as far as 100 feet inside containment lines on the northern ridge of Eightmile. Air support crews will monitor and patrol the fire throughout the day.

Firefighters are holding their ground on the Horsetail Fire and working to check up areas of concern throughout the Emigrant Fire. Good progress has been made on the northwest corner of the Emigrant Fire as crews continue to construct line to contain the fire.

On the Sheep Fire, firefighters completed direct line construction on the northwestern edge of the bowl and continued to hold and improve existing containment lines. On the east side of the fire, crews continued to mop up the perimeter towards the Horse Creek drainage and secured the north edge of the fire.

The overall containment of the complex stands at 15%.

There still remains an opportunity for increased fire activity today with winds continuing to blow 10-15 mph out of the southwest and humidity at 15-20%. There is expected to be cumulus development over the fires this afternoon which could produce gusty outflow winds, further drying vegetation and adding to the potential fire activity.

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