Afternoon Update: Miner Paradise Complex – Visable Plume Emigrant and Eightmile

This afternoon with increased temperatures, low relative humidity and winds activity on the Emigrant and Eightmile fires has increased. A plume is visible on each fire and due to the angle from Bozeman the plume for the Emigrant Fire is directionally behind the plume for the North Eightmile Fire. The North Eightmile fire currently is burning east into a bowl and continuing to bump into the 2001 Fridley Fire. The Emigrant Fire is currently burning in further east in the Sixmile Creek drainage and North Fork of the Sixmile Creek drainage in the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness towards Monitor Peak. Retardant and dozers are being utilized to the west in the vicinity of Little Pine Creek. The Emigrant fire is expected to remain active into the evening hours.

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