North Eightmile Fire Update 8/16 10:00pm

Miner Paradise Complex
(Emigrant, North Eightmile and Sheep Creek Fires)
Update: August 16, 2013 @ 9:00 p.m.

Contact: Karen Tuscano 406-223-2028
Mariah Leuschen 406-548-1174

The Custer and Gallatin National Forests provided initial attack firefighting efforts on one new confirmed fire on Friday, August 16, the North Eightmile Fire grew to 48 acres. Two additional fires the Forests have been managing have been combined into the Miner Paradise Complex. A Type II Incident Management Team has been ordered and will take command of the three fires likely Sunday at 6:00 a.m. following an initial briefing. Additional fire resources have been ordered including two Hotshot crews and one helicopter.

FIRE NAME: North Eightmile Fire
DATE OF DETECTION: August 16, 2013
CAUSE: Lightning
CURRENT SIZE: approximately 48 acres
LOCATION: North Fork Eightmile Creek, approximately 20 miles southwest of Livingston
AGENCY: Gallatin National Forest
PERSONNEL AND RESOURCES ON THE FIRE: 1 helicopter, 8 firefighters, 1 large air tanker, 1 single engine air tanker

FRIDAY’S ACTIVITY: The North Eightmile Fire was detected Friday just prior to noon in the North Fork Eightmile Creek drainage approximately 300 yards below the Gallatin Crest ridgeline. Eight smokejumpers jumped the fire in the early afternoon and were assisted with a helicopter dropping water and 1 large air tanker and 1 single engine air tanker dropping retardant. The fire grew to 48 acres before fire activity decreased as the sun went down.

CLOSURES & OTHER INFORMATION: No closures on this fire at this time.

FIRE NAME: Emigrant Fire

DATE OF DETECTION: July 21, 2013
CAUSE: Lightning
CURRENT SIZE: approximately 625 acres
LOCATION: South of Emigrant Peak, between Gold Prize Creek and North Fork Sixmile Creek
AGENCY: Gallatin National Forest
PERSONNEL AND RESOURCES ON THE FIRE: 1 helicopter, 1 engine, 1 – 15 person hand crew and overhead for a total of 30 personnel.

FRIDAY’S ACTIVITY: Fire activity increased on the south side of the fire on Friday due to the warm and very dry weather. Firefighters saw the fire make short uphill runs up into burned areas. A significant amount of drift smoke is moving into this area from Idaho and southwest Montana. For a detailed map showing where smoke is coming from, please go to Fire officials continue to receive detailed long and short term weather forecasts on a daily basis. A long term strategy is in place for the Emigrant Fire, and predetermined actions will be implemented when the weather conditions and fire behavior indicate the need.

CLOSURES & OTHER INFORMATION: The Forest Service portion of Sixmile Creek Road from its junction with the Dailey Lake Road will be closed until further notice.
The Sixmile Creek Trial (#61) and North Fork of Sixmile Creek Trail (#606) will be closed to their junction with Trail #601 north of Monitor Peak. Connector Trail #601 will remain open.
People traveling near the Emigrant Fire Helibase are urged to be cautious of fire personnel and the helicopter operating near Conlin Road.

FIRE NAME: Sheep Fire

DATE OF DETECTION: August 12, 2013
CAUSE: Lightning
CURRENT SIZE: approximately 20 acres
LOCATION: Sawtooth Mountain in Tom Miner Basin, approximately 25 miles northwest of Gardiner
AGENCY: Gallatin National Forest
PERSONNEL AND RESOURCES ON THE FIRE: 1 helicopter, 5 firefighters

FIRE HISTORY AND ACTIVITY: The Sheep Fire was first detected on Monday, August 12th near the ridgeline on Sawtooth Mountain. Firefighters could not access the fire due to the extremely steep and difficult terrain. A helicopter dropped water on the fire on Monday, and the fire received ¼ inch of rain on Tuesday. On Wednesday, fire personnel flew over the fire and saw a black log without any smoke coming from it. Firefighters scouted for smoke on Thursday, but did not see anything. Smoke was seen coming from the fire area again on Friday morning, and 2 firefighters were dispatched to hike to the fire. As they were hiking, fire activity increased significantly and torched trees near the ridgeline. The firefighters could not engage the fire with the increased activity, so they monitored the fire from a safe position. Helicopters were not able to drop water on the fire due to the strong winds.

FIRE WEATHER: A ridge of high pressure will be over the fire Friday through Saturday bringing warm and dry conditions. Temperatures will reach the lower to mid 80’s both days, and humidities will drop to the teens. Nighttime humidity recoveries will remain low and only climb to the upper 20’s to lower 30’s. A weak cold front will cross the fire overnight on Friday, but winds should remain moderate and influenced by the terrain.

CLOSURES & OTHER INFORMATION: No closures on this fire at this time.

For further information, go to:
Each of the fires are currently listed under their respective names: North Eightmile and Emigrant.


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