Spring Flooding Isn’t Over

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Contact: Patrick Lonergan, 406-582-2395

Bozeman, MT – Gallatin County is reminding citizens that flood season is not over with.  While we have seen the water receed from earlier this week, we are still primed for significant flooding this spring.  With the amont of water held in the mountain snowpack Gallatin County could very easily see signifcantly worse flooding this spring than what we saw this week.

The community is encouraged to take the necessary precautions to prepare their property for flooding.  If someone thinks their property could flood, then they should assume that it will this flood spring and prepare for flooding.  Once flooding has occured, it is too late to protect your property.  Residents are often caught off guard by flooding occuring during the night while they are asleep.  Spring flooding often has a peak height each night due to the freezing and thawing of snow in the mountains.  So while everything may be fine when you go to bed, water levels will often continue to rise late into the night resulting in people waking up to flooded houses.  Please visit www.ReadyGallatin.com/flooding.php for more information on flooding.

While the use of sandbags is a very good tool against flooding, sandbags must be properly installed to be most affective.  Sandbags often get stacked in a vertical wall which results in the wall being weak and not holding up against the water.  To be most affective sandbags should be stacked in a pyramid shaped wall to add stability.  Residents are encouraged to view the US Army Corps of Engineer’s Flood Fight handbook at www.ReadyGallatin.com/flooding.php for proper sandbag usage.


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