Ressler Hazardous Materials Exercise Success


Release Number: 130719-01
Contact:  Patrick Lonergan, (406) 582-2350

Ressler Hazardous Materials Exercise Success

Bozeman, MT – Rae-Sourdough Fire Departments and the regional hazardous materials team completed a successful hazardous materials release exercise Thursday evening at Ressler Motors.  This exercise is part of the HazMat team’s outreach effort to enhance the ability of local fire departments to support the team during incidents.  Over 30 firefighters participated in the exercise which concluded around 10:00 PM Thursday with an after action review in which firefighters captured what worked well and where improvements can be made.

For the exercise Rae-Sourdough Fire Departments were dispatched to Ressler Motors for several people that had been exposed to something and were having medical issues.  Upon arrival the fire department encountered people that needed to be rescued and decontaminated.  The regional hazardous materials team was then dispatched to contain and identify the chemicals.  All the responders worked jointly to properly identify what turned out to be a chemical suicide attempt in a car.

Creating realistic training opportunities like these are critical in developing and maintaining experience in our local responders.  This was a successful inter agency effort which enhanced the community’s ability to respond to large incidents and strengthened the relationships among responders.  The exercise was made possible with support from Ressler Motors and Montana State University – Safety and Risk Management.


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