Vehicles at Fishing Access Sites Targeted by Thieves


(Bozeman, Mont.) Contact: Sheriff Brian Gootkin, 582-2125. 

The Sheriff’s Office reports that there has been a increase in thefts from vehicles parked at local fishing access sites.  These thefts have occurred during daytime hours while owners are fishing or otherwise recreating.  Common items stolen are credit cards, wallets, cash and electronics.  The suspect(s) are taking advantage of windows cracked for ventilation and using a tool to reach in and activate the automatic door lock button. 

Sheriff Gootkin reminds people to take the following precautions; Lock your car, leave the windows rolled up and secure or take valuables with you.  As always don’t hesitate to contact the Sheriff’s Office when you see suspicious activity.  Please note vehicle descriptions or license plates involved.  In this case we are especially interested in anyone entering a vehicle by means other than the key at fishing access sites or trail heads.  ######

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