Skier injured at Bridger Bowl

On April 18, 2013, Gallatin County Dispatch was notified by Park County 911 that they received a call from an injured skier located at Bridger Bowl. The skier a 21 year old member of the MSU ski team crashed while skiing the Colter Shute at Bridger Bowl. The skier was injured after hitting a rock outcropping and was unable to move due to a possible broken leg.  Since Bridger Bowl is closed, for the season Sheriff’s Search and Rescue was called upon. Several Search and Rescue members were on the mountain at the time of the call and were able to quickly reach the skier who was taken off the mountain with the assistance of Bridger Bowl Employees. The full extent of injuries are unknown at this time, the patient was transported to BDH for further treatment.

Sheriff Gootkin stated that often calls to 911 on the east side of the Bridgers are routed to Livingston 911 becasue of the location of the cell towers that area available.  For that reason it is important that you are able to give the dispatcher your location as accurately as possible.  #####

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