Controlled Burners Urged to Utilize Caution

GCEM Media Release

Contact:  Patrick Lonergan, 406-582-2395

People in the Gallatin Valley conducting controlled burns are encouraged to do so in a safe manner as fires can easily get out of control this time of year.  After the snow melts the grasses are often quite dry and fires can grow out of control very quickly.  When fire is provided continous fuel (grass) and wind, they are very capable of rapid growth that can outpace the burners ability to control leading to extensive property damage.  Historically this area will see fires around this time of year followed by a slow down as the grass greens up, then fire potential will increase as the grass drys back out throughout the summer months.

Individuals conducting a controlled burn with a Gallatin County Burn Permit are encouraged to follow these tips:

  • Don’t set more on fire than you can control.
  • Always be onsite while burning and until the fire is completely out.
  • Always have a method to extinguish the fire (hose, water truck, disk, etc…).
  • Always create a buffer around your fire that is clear of vegetation.
  • Think twice about burning if it is windy out (can it wait until conditions are in your favor).
  • Have a method to call 911 if the fire gets out of control, and call as soon as it gets out of control.

Gallatin County Burn Permits can be obtained at


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