Snowboarder Rescued after Crash in Hyalite


(Bozeman, Mt.) Friday afternoon at 4:25 p.m. the Sheriff’s Office received a report of an injured snowboarder in the area South of Hyalite Reservoir. Sheriff’s Search & Rescue, Rae Sourdough Fire and AMR responded to the call.

The injured snowboarder was a 22 year old male from Bozeman that had been boarding with four others in a popular area near the Window Rock Cabin known for its natural jumps. During a jump the skier landed wrong and injured his back.

Initial responders located the injured male and were able to stabilize and warm him until further assistance arrived. Search & Rescue and Rae Sourdough personnel moved the skier with a transport sled approximately two tenths of a mile through waist deep snow to Hyalite Road. The skier was then turned over to AMR and transported to Bozeman Deaconess Hospital.

Sheriff’s Deputy and Incident Command Brandon Kelly said, “The quick response of the injured skier’s friends in calling for help aided the Sheriff’s Office and emergency services in performing their job in a quick and safe manner. It is important to remember to have the proper equipment (food, water, extra clothing, emergency beacon, shovels, etc) when recreating in the back country because even a planned short outing can turn hazardous.”

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Rescuers reach the road after evacuating injured snowboarder

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