Lost Snowshoer Found

On Thursday, December 27th, around 2:30 pm, the Gallatin County Dispatch Center received a 911 cell phone call from a lost snowshoer in the upper Jack Creek drainage near the Moonlight Basin Resort.  A Sheriff’s Deputy Coordinator and the Big Sky section of Search and Rescue responded to find the snowshoer.

Based on the location description given by the snowshoer and a GPS location gleaned from the lost person’s cell phone, rescuers soon had a very good idea of the snowshoer’s location.  Search and Rescue personnel contacted the Moonlight Basin Ski Patrol for assistance.  Rescuers from Moonlight Basin Ski Patrol quickly found the snowshoer and transported her to safety.

The lost snowshoer helped facilitate her quick and successful rescue.  As soon as she realized she was in trouble she called for help instead of putting herself at further risk.  The snowshoer stayed in one place, which kept her in cell phone communication as well as making it easier for rescuers to find her. ######

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