Sourdough Rural FD Trustees Seeks Voter Approval

October 1, 2012: Sourdough Rural Fire District Board of Trustees recently voted unanimously to place an initiative on the November Ballot asking District voters to approve up to a 2.9 million dollar issuance of municipal bonds to finance the construction of a new fire station.
The current station which consists of two separate buildings over 40 years old and don’t meet minimum safety requirements is planned to be replaced with one structure housing 4 equipment/engine bays, staff support office room, dorms for resident firefighters, a community room/disaster staging area. The construction process is designed to facilitate no interruption of services to the District residents. Construction of the new building addresses projected District growth service needs, current inadequacies for engine and emergency vehicle storage and maintenance and housing for resident firefighters.
The repayment of the bonds will be funded via adding 23.71 mills to property taxes for a period of 15 years. The mills equate to approximately $2.91 a month per $100,000 of phase in taxable value. At the conclusion of the repayment of the bonds the mills would cease being charged to District property owners.
Upon passage of the initiative in November, construction of the new station is planned for early 2013. Construction is planned for continued seamless delivery of fire and emergency services to District residents and businesses.

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